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Our Facilities

Our current distribution centre sits in the heart of East Yorkshire. There we have a 60,000sqft office and warehouse space, which houses our customer service, operations and marketing team, as well as all of our products which the warehouse team pick and pack on a daily basis.

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Many of Puretec Ltd’s products are manufactured in warehouses in China. Here everything is made, boxed up and shipped to us here in the UK. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we have started manufacturing products here in the UK. Starting off with our eco-friendly Marcy weight plates are the first step towards this and it’s success has meant that we hope to begin manufacturing closer to home.

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Our History

Our history began in America in 1946, and we have spent the last 25 years working hard to make sure everyone in the US, UK and beyond has access to high-quality, long-lasting fitness equipment that they can use in the comfort of their own homes. From strength to cardio, and everything in between; we provide a variety of products that suit any fitness goal and any budget.

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