• Home Gyms


    Home Gyms

    At Puretec Ltd, we have a extensive range of home gyms designed to help you workout and build strength in the comfort of your own home. Our multigyms, Smith machines and functional trainers have been designed to provide you with everything you need to build and maintain strength and muscle. They are all-in-one pieces of equipment with the functions of working every muscle in the body in one place. So whether you want to build your arms, legs, chest or do a full-body workout, our home gyms have got you covered. Why go to the gym when the gym can be in your home!?

  • Weight Benches


    Weight Benches

    Looking for something smaller for your strength training? A weight bench is perfect for helping you get started if you don’t have a lot of space or want to test the waters. Weight benches come in all shapes and sizes, from a starter bench to benches with leg developers and even some with barbell racks. So if you’re wondering whether strength training is for you, grab a weight bench and see what works for you. The beauty of a weight bench is that you aren’t tied down to weights. Add your own, and keep pushing yourself!

  • Weightlifting



    If you have reached your goals and want to go further, try free weights. Weightlifting can be done on its own or with the aid of a home gym or weight bench. Barbells and weights are a great way to build muscle in your arms, legs and chest; just make sure you’re doing it right. Not a fan of barbells? Grab yourself some tri-grip weight plates and train with the weight alone. Tri-grip weight plates are perfect for strength training from home, especially if you don’t have much space. You can even help the environment by adding our new Marcy Eco weight plates to your home gym to push you to the limit.

  • Treadmills



    Treadmills are a staple feature of a home gym. With a treadmill, you can walk and run inside, whatever the weather. When it comes to shopping for treadmills, there’s something for everyone. Our low tech machines offer straightforward functions, perfect for a smaller budget. Or you can choose a treadmill with advanced technology, with Bluetooth, speakers, app connections and more. Treadmills are the perfect cardio machines that can be tailored to suit you and your training. They are with you every step of the way as you progress at your own pace.

  • Exercise Bikes


    Exercise Bikes

    Our range of exercise bikes is designed to allow anyone, anywhere, to exercise and get fit. Our prices range from £149 up to £1,499, meaning you can find something that not only suits your needs but your budget, too. Not to mention the range of brands we have available from Marcy to Davina to Inspire. The options are endless, making exercising accessible to everyone, everywhere. The benefit of exercise bikes is that they are designed to suit all abilities and ages, including recumbent exercise bikes which take the pressure off the legs and back if you suffer from pain in these areas. Or, if you are someone with very little space, try our folding exercise bikes so you can put them away when you’re done.

  • Rowing Machines


    Rowing Machines

    Whether you’re training for a competition or just looking for a solid workout, rowing machines are the perfect piece for your home. Like most of our cardio equipment, they vary in price for people shopping with a budget and also vary in style. When it comes to rowing machines, if you are just looking for something to get you exercising, we have plenty of simple, easy to use machines. Or you could be looking for something that gives the feel of rowing out on the water. In this case, you could try our fan-powered rower or one of our hydro water rowers to really give the sense of being out on the water.

  • Cross Trainers


    Cross Trainers

    Cross trainers are excellent for a full-body cardio workout combining the functionality of a stepper, skier and bike. Designed to work the arms and the legs whilst also engaging your core, they really are a perfect addition to any home gym. Our cross trainers vary in price and type, meaning you have plenty of choices, whether you are after something powered by electricity, or something simple to use, or even our regeneration machines that run off the power created by the user. If you are stuck on space but want something that hits most of the body’s muscles, a cross trainer really could be the piece for you.

  • Boxing



    Here at Puretec Ltd, we have everything you need to set up your own home boxing gym, from bags to hangers and stands, to gloves and hand wraps. Our boxing bags come in a range of different styles to suit your home and exercise style. You can grab yourself a freestanding bag if you don’t want something hanging from the ceiling, or a hanging punch bag if you prefer that style of training (and even grab a stand if you don’t want these in your ceiling too). Or, if you prefer some more accurate punching training, you could try a speed bag, also available freestanding or hanging. Let’s not forget our range of boxing gloves in various weights to suit professionals or beginners, and you can even grab them in your favourite colour.

  • Fitness Accessories


    Fitness Accessories

    Fitness accessories are perfect for anyone with little space, a small budget, or anyone wanting to test the waters of exercising before they commit to something bigger. Some accessories can even provide a workout just as good as a Smith machine or an exercise bike. Our Davina range comprises pieces from weighted gloves to dumbbells and kettlebells and even yoga equipment, perfect for any beginners. If you want to take it up a notch, our Bionic Body range can help you get there. Whether you like resistance bands, kettlebells, medicine balls, plyo boxes or a complete training kit, there is something for everyone to try. And if you want to try something really different, you can get your hands on our Marcy indoor trampoline.

  • Yoga



    Yoga is a form of exercise that has been practiced for thousands of years, but only recently become popular on a global scale due to people understanding the benefits that yoga has on personal health and wellbeing. Our yoga range brings you colourful, durable yoga mats to help you enjoy your yoga routine. If you are new to yoga, you can even grab a matching yoga block to help you get started and make those positions easier. If you are interested in yoga but have no idea where to start, you could try our Davina printed yoga mat that shows the different poses you can try. Yoga is the perfect exercise to help relax the body and the mind, so make sure you are doing it safely, comfortably, and as colourfully as possible.