About Bionic Body


Bionic Body is the brainchild of Kim Lyons who's a former IFBB Pro Fitness competitor and trainer on NBC’s hit show, The Biggest Loser. Using all her 17 years of experience as a personal trainer she has developed the Bionic Body range of resistance tubes, bands and accessories to provide full body workouts to be used anywhere.


Resistance Tubes

The Bionic Body resistance tubes come in 8 different strengths ranging from 20lb to 100lb. The double-coated tube provides consistent resistance through each exercise move and is tear-resistant to withstand your most intense workout. 

By simply changing your body and the tube’s position, you can achieve a variety of exercises that challenge your entire body. The tubes are small and light weight making them essential for workouts on the go or at home.


Super Bands

The Bionic Super band is a flexible closed loop resistance band and can be used for strength, conditioning, or power movements and is also perfect for stretching, yoga, and Pilates movements. It really is an all in one gym!

Two of my favorite exercises using the Bionic Body super bands are assisted pull-ups and resisted sprints


Attachments for the Resistance Tubes

Bionic Bar

The Bionic Bar is my personal favourite! This sturdy 2 piece bar is made from high quality steel and can be disassembled for portability. The padded grip prevents slipping and calloused hands.

The ends of the bar have ball baring swivels that allow the resistance tubes to smoothly move with you instead of tangling up. The bar can be used for all upper body exercises and is perfect for lower body exercises such as squats, lunges, or deadlifts.


Single Grip Handle

The Single Grip handles are the most versatile attachment. The ergonomically designed single grip handle fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and lays flat against your wrist during overhead movements.

The Bionic Body handles are made of heavy-duty nylon that can withstand a lifetime of workouts. No more germy foam handles that crack or peel with a little sweat! You’ll feel the quality and comfort with every rep!


Tri-grip Handle

The Tri-grip handle is the most innovative handle on the market. It allows you to comfortably perform exercises with either one or two hands, making it adaptable for a wide variety of grip angles and different exercises such as the overhead tricep extension and Hammer curl.

This handle is made from commercial grade material and is great for workouts in the gym or at home.


Bionic Strap

The Bionic Strap is built to fit comfortably around your ankle for lower body toning or your forearm for grip free upper body exercises such as a chest fly.

The strap is fully adjustable to fit snuggly and comfortably. The Bionic Strap is essential for toning your inter and outer thigh, glutes, and abs.


Door Anchor

The Bionic Door anchor is an important accessory. It allows you to safely attach your tubes or super bands to the top, middle, or bottom of the hinge side of any standard door frame.

The door anchor is made from heavy-duty, durable nylon material to prevent abrasions and markings on the door frame. Although you can easily adjust the door anchor, I like to use three anchors during my workouts. One at the top, middle, and bottom of the door for quick easy changes between exercises!